A Calling
For generations, our ancestors have lived in a world where specific rules apply. What’s so unique about the time that we live in now, is that the rules have changed. We can heal, we can access Spirit, we can access our deep hearts; we can see and know (and not just the clairvoyants and healers, I’m talking about everyone). We have incredible access to the full spectrum of life experience, and what we do with this access is up to us.

I believe in softening. I believe in what is real. I devote my life to a path of truth and honest reflection. I devote my life to service, being in service to the highest heart, to the highest love, to the highest integrity. I follow where energy goes and trust the Universe completely. I choose to live at the deepest level of balance and integrity with the Earth, and all beings with whom who we share this planet.

The Earth is one of our greatest teachers. When we’re open to their wisdom, all beings that inhabit the earth – plants, animals, spirit and human – can offer us tremendous teachings, guidance, and support. Tapping into this source of deep knowledge, I work with high vibrations energies of light, ancient truths, and medicine of the heart.

I’m here to honor and celebrate the sacredness of life. My work is held as a prayer and offered as a vehicle for personal and collective healing, deepening awareness, and self-transformation. I’m humbly honored to hold space for each of us to reconnect with our deep center and align with our highest source. In opening your lens of perception, I mirror your deeper truth back to you.

As a practicing psychic reader and healer for over fifteen years, I have been strongly influenced by my apprenticeship in the Shipibo tradition of Shamanism, in the Amazon jungle of Peru. It was 2006 when I first discovered this lineage, and began my apprenticeship with the master shaman, Kestembetsa.   It was an incredible opportunity and gift to refine my skills as a healer and seer, as a lover of plants and Earth.  Since my shamanic practice has expanded over the past ten years, I have deepened my ability to understand the indigenous heart language for communicating with all species and the invisible world of Spirit.

My formal plant training took place at the University of Texas, where I earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Plant Biology. While immersed in the study of medicinal herbs and plants, I had an epiphany: the true power of plants was much greater than their chemical constituents. The true gifts of plants are their Spirits!

I have been privileged to teach Spirit-work classes and give psychic readings at such places as Breitenbush Hot Springs, Esalen Institute, the New England Women’s Herbal Conference, and to individual clients worldwide.

“An awake heart is like a sky that pours light”  – Hafiz