What will I get out of a session?
Part of my agreement with Spirit is to help you find the Truth within yourself. I have the ability to “see”, but the purpose of this is not to tell you what to do, but more to illuminate the story and support you in making choices for yourself. By doing it this way, you are being empowered in Truth, as opposed to relying on someone else to tell you the answers. I believe in personal
What do you actually do?
From a place of heart and truth, I shine a light on your path. I offer tools and guidance to help you best navigate your personal journey. I’m both your guide and partner. Together, we will discover options you may have never
Can you read my future?
I don’t “read” the future. Our session together includes looking at past, present, and future pathways of your life. I will not tell you what to do or make decisions for you, but instead will help you to see the options in front of you from a clearer