Brett J, Musician – Seattle, WA

“Tamara is a true gift… the rare type of gift that unwraps you. The first time I heard her chant, my heart was enveloped by the white light of beautiful melodies in an ancient tongue that released rivers of tears to wash me clean and allow me to love myself again. She has helped me purge behaviors that do not suit me and has quietly guided me to cherish and develop those that do. I am now more confident in my musicianship, more creative in my art, and much more trusting of my intuitive nature. I am the best son, brother, uncle, and friend I can be and I am happier than ever before. Tamara has planted seeds of wisdom that I know will continue to sprout, grow, and flower for the rest of my days. I’ve learned to appreciate the embrace and support of nature in new, wonderful ways. With her help, I have allowed myself to dispel the fears of the wild challenges during these changing times and I now welcome this wonderful awakening and transformation that is upon us.”