Dr. Lynn von Schneidau, Naturopathic Doctor, Seattle, WA

“Tamara is a wonderfully gifted and spiritual presence. Each time I’ve seen her, she reminds me of what life should be about – compassion and following your soul’s purpose. She carries a lightness, while also being grounded and guided- a gift of being in harmony with nature and the Universe.  The path she has taken of submersing herself in the Amazon with some of the greatest healers and guides is so evident in her peaceful soul. Tamara puts life’s challenges into a positive perspective. I believe we are all here to evolve our souls, yet sometimes the challenges of life make us unable to see our purpose clearly. Tamara clarifies the meaning of those issues, illuminates the problems and has the foresight to show what the universe has in mind. She has given me wonderful new insights in every reading. I love even walking into the room with her as I immediately feel a sense of calm and her spirit is so reassuring.  I have found my way out of difficult situations through her guidance. I love referring patients to her as they are all amazed at how accurate her insights are and they leave with a greater sense of themselves within the whole. .”