Rebecca Egbert, Midwife – Bozeman, MT

“It is an honor to have Tamara be a part of my spiritual path. She is human, yet she taps into such a deep dwelling and one that I go to for teaching, for advising, and sometimes for comfort. Tamara is a wizened teacher to me because she herself is constantly a student, putting her teachings to work everyday. She is living proof, in times when the earth is hurting and our communities fighting to be strong, that we can come through such dark times finding light within ourselves and that the teachings will provide us with warmth, love, and peace. Her work has helped me through times of mystery, and if I listened to her carefully she provided me with rich guidance and discovery. Tamara is my teacher, she witnesses my work along this path I walk, best of all she is part of my tribe and community. It is a true gift to work with such light.”