Is there anything that I should not bring with me to a session?
My two main requests of what to not bring along to a session are:: NO perfume and being under the influence of any substances (cannabis, alcohol, ect). One area where I receive a lot of information is through clairallience (psychic smell), perfume can interrupt that. And, being under the influence of any substances can block my ability to receive clear information (this is especially true of cannabis).
Is a phone session as effective as a session in person?
Yes. Sessions in person and over the phone are basically identical. Throughout the session, my eyes are closed and I’m watching your energy body and relaying information. At the beginning of a reading, I will spend some time “presencing” with you. We will be connected and the pathway will be open whether we are sitting face to face or across a phone
How often should I get sessions?
It’s really up to you. The soonest that I offer sessions is once every 3 months. Some people see me every 3 months, some come in twice a year, some people come for a visit every few years. The three-month cut off is to keep you from becoming to reliant on the guidance, and really following your own knowing.