J.B.S., Singer/vocalist – Winooski, VT

When I think of Tamara, I cannot help but smile and feel an endless gratitude. Working with her, I have seen the way in which she brings heaven to earth (and vice versa) with joy, bravery, and compassion. She reaches from her grounded place far into the cosmos to sing the song of one’s soul so that one can hear it, and understand the universe better. Her attunement with spirit is so profound that one feels as if one is receiving darshan from simply being in her presence. She has opened my heart to joy and to God in a way that I had never before imagined possible, and guides others on the path with her integrity and her centered clairvoyance. One sitting with her completely changed the course of my life forever, and serves always to remind me of what true alignment feels like. Through all her gifts which constantly amaze me, she is approachable, gentle, direct and compassionate, which makes her the most wonderful teacher. She opens a way for her clients to see and share in the same light that she spins in, and even more, to be that light. We are so profoundly blessed to have her here upon this earth, at this time. I couldn’t recommend anyone else in this world more fervently!