Mara R, Teacher – Boulder, CO

I am grateful for the healing Tamara has brought into my life with her immense skill, intuition, and integrity. I’ve experienced enormous shifts that have helped me live a more integrated, connected, and joyful life. Tamara brings tremendous, yet gentle, strength to her work as a healer and it’s clear that this is the work she was meant to do on behalf of individuals, the planet, and beyond. I often reflect on how fortunate I am to know Tamara, to learn from her, and to be guided toward essential truths and a deeper understanding of, and connection to, source. While I am honored to share a bit about the impact Tamara has had on my life, I find that words cannot even begin to express it because Tamara’s healing work touches on the infinite world that lies beyond the words, the world that is connected to our hearts, deep experience, and the seed of wisdom that lives within each of us and connects us all to each other.