Healing takes work

Healing ourselves takes courage and commitment, repairing the earth takes dedication. It’s not a quick snap of the fingers, healing is a journey. As we heal ourselves, face our fears, and clean up our unfinished business, we are in turn paving the way for doing the same things for the earth. This is the time to go within, to remember who we are.

Many people are seeking confirmation and certainty from outward resources right now (ie, the governor/president) and reading the news continuously as a way of trying to understand the exterior world around us and then orienting to it.

I challenge you to find your own internal clarity with the changes that are unfolding within our society and within yourself. By doing this first, there is less need for the external story to be told. I implore you to develop your intuitive skills, to trust and listen to the voice that is speaking through you. Find space and time to go within. Heal that which is asking to be healed. Love the parts of you that are desiring to be loved. Listen to the voice in your heart that speaks truth.

Here are some simple practices to implement during this time of profound healing and collective evolution:

-Witness the most precious and simple daily miracles…  a bird collecting material for its nest, a snake slithering by in the bushes, the flower buds slowly opening, a beetle digging in the dirt.

-Develop your inner ear, listening through the noise and finding the truth that lives beneath it.

-Step outside and breathe. Notice the subtle sweetness filling your lungs.

-Dance, sing, paint, and create.  Prioritize play and creative expression.

-Observe the changes that have taken place within you over the past month.  Give yourself a big pat on the back and inner applause for these accomplishments.

-Put your hands, or entire body, on the earth and feel her strength, compassion, and love.