Each time that I sit with higher consciousness and ask about this current time, I am told, “this is an OPPORTUNITY”. This opportunity ispersonal, it is collective, it is planetary. The word opportunity comes from the Latin phrase ob portum veniens, which means “coming toward a port”, which refers to a favorable wind blowing ships into the harbor. We are arriving at a new port, a port that we have never been to before. The old way, the previous story (from as little as two months ago), is gone.  We are not going to be returning to the “way it was”. Fortunately, the new way is being created right now.

The new way values balance and reciprocity in all things.  This earth is a mosaic of ecosystems.  For an ecosystem to be healthy, resources are cycled.  There has been a longstanding imbalance between humans and the earth where we have felt that the earth’s resources are for our taking. If this virus has taught us anything, may it be that we are part of the greater ecosystem of planet Earth and, in order for us to be healthy and whole, we need to care for our earth as we would care for our home, our family, ourselves. This translates into a massive slowing down, not just now, but as we move into the new way of being. Slowing down includes sourcing our food locally, having a relationship with the people who live close to us, and coming together as a community to support each other and to collaborate.

Slowing down means coming to terms with the fact that flying across the planet for a weekend vacation is irresponsible. Ordering a cool chair from across the planet is thoughtless. Eating a fish that is overfished or unsustainably caught is reckless. Drinking from plastic water bottles is careless. Throwing away food waste (as opposed to composting) is foolish. In order for this to work, we each need to be willing to change our lifestyles to live with a greater level of consciousness towards that which is sustainable and in balance with the earth.