29 May 2019
Inviting Beauty
At moments along my journey, just as all of us, I have reached moments of discouragement and despair.  And at the moment when I bottom out, I hear the phrase “Remember who you are”.    That phrase acts as a life raft and when I hold onto it, it brings me back to where I need to be.  I often see despair as the opportunity towards what is next, no longer being in a delusion of
17 Jul 2018
Communicating with Plants
There is an innate intelligence through all of life on earth and the sentience of plants is no exception.  There are so many forms of plant awareness and communication.  At the biological level, plants communicate through the chemicals that live in their bodies.  At the energetic/spiritual level, plants communication through vibration.  Vibration is not limited to sound waves and physical touch though.  Vibration is also what takes place when we are attuned to a plant,
17 Jul 2018
Honoring our Plant Allies
Choose a plant that lives close to you, whether it be in your backyard or potted in your living room.  On a daily basis, begin bringing your attention to this plant.  It could be through simple greetings, putting a piece of the plant on your altar, envisioning it during your meditation practice.  If it’s ingestible, put bits of it in your mouth or in your tea.  When you start working with this plant, invite the
17 Jul 2018
Featured Plant: Lupine
Healing through Generosity The lupines are one of the members of the nitrogen-fixing legume  family of plants that bring such benefit to land in need of regeneration.  There are many areas around the globe that have been so devestated by invasive species and disturbances of all kinds, stripping the soil of it's nutrients.  When lupine is introduced, it creates fertile soil that allows native and healthy plants to grow again. There is a Native American
28 Aug 2017
Moon Walking in Front of the Sun
"The" eclipse has come and gone.  But the effects of the eclipse are present and strongly influencing our current stories.  Whether we were in the path of totality, or on the other side of the globe, the eclipse energy effects each and every one of us.   At a solar eclipse, the new moon crosses in front of the sun.  It is a unique moment when the energy of the moon (feminine) overrides the energy