28 Aug 2017
Meditation :: Divine Feminine
Regardless of whether we are male or female, we all have divine feminine and divine masculine energy within us.  It is valuable to have a relationship with each part of ourselves, to be able to connect to them as we walk our paths. Coming into balance with the divine feminine within us is about releasing the things that deny our feminine essence from flowing through us.  It is about reclaiming who we truly are.  In
10 Feb 2017
Eclipse Cycle for Change
Today, February 10th, we are entering into the first eclipse cycle of the year.    An eclipse cycle always begins with a full moon lunar eclipse and is followed by a new moon solar eclipse.   The two week period between the eclipses is the juicy window filled with space for personal growth. What I have learned and witnessed over the last many years is that eclipses are immense opportunities for growth and change.  They
10 Feb 2017
Salt for Energy Cleansing
Throughout normal daily life, we will encounter a wide variety of people, places, and all types of energetic signatures.   During an eclipse window, however, these energies tend to be amplified and it’s an especially important time to be doing regular energetic cleansing. One of my favorite tools for energy cleansing is salt.   This can be used on our bodies and in our homes.  It’s simple, powerful, and accessible. In addition to cleansing energies from people
20 Jan 2017
Balancing Confidence and Humility
We now find ourselves on the cusp between seasons; winter is turning into spring. The sun is returning from the darkness of winter, lighting the sky for more hours each day. We have reached the midway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. It's the time of year of Imbolc (Celtic: beginning of spring), Candelmas (Christian: Jesus at the Temple), Tu BiShvat (Jewish: new year of the trees), and the Chinese New Year
20 Jan 2017
Nourishing the Kidneys
In Chinese medicine, each season is associated with an organ of the body. Winter is connected to the Kidneys, which holds the body’s most basic and fundamental energy. When we harmonize ourselves with the seasons we can stay healthier and more vibrant. Therefore at this time of year, it’s a good time to strengthen the Kidneys. To benefit the Kidneys, it’s helpful to emphasize gently warming tea (ginger and cinnamon), to eat Kidney-nourishing foods (beans,