8 Nov 2016
Tools for Prayerwork
Want to help the world?   What to do? Pray. I have learned over the years that prayer work is much more about listening then talking.  And prayers can look a thousand ways.  There is no "correct" way to pray.  But I find that following some simple guidelines can help to steer us in the direction that can make our prayers feel most aligned and true. 1.  Have a vessel that can receive your prayers.
8 Nov 2016
Furthering Hope
At this time of year when the veil between the worlds is most thin, we are being shown our personal shadows and those of the culture we live in.  There are many ways to fight injustice, and there are so many current violations that could be listed here.   But instead of focusing on the injustices and the shadows that they carry, I will bring our attention to ways of bringing greater hope and light to
27 Apr 2015
:s l o w :: d o w n:
Yes, I’m talking to you. We are in a time of massive acceleration. The planet is in a state of immense change and collective transformation. What was once our baseline experience has dramatically sped up and life is moving faster. With all of the smart technology, we are being bombarded with constant stimulation and the collective expectation that we will respond with equal speed. And by this speedy pace of living, there is much being
Finding balance :: creating an earth altar
There are many practices that can support us in returning to balance, connecting with life, and slowing down. One of my favorite practices is builing earth altars.  It can be done in 5 minutes or 5 hours.  It is less about what is made, and more about the intention and energy behind the creation. As we look to find a slower speed of surface life and a more connected presence with inner life, I find
15 Jan 2015
:: Gratitude invites connection ::
We all know the importance of gratitude.  In the modern mindfulness movement, there are abundant books, articles, and conversations on the importance of gratitude.  But, when we look at gratitude at the level of the energy body, what do we see?   Gratitude softens us and opens us to connection.  In my practice of psychic readings, there are so many people who are seeking to “see more”, to “feel more connection" with the Divine, to have