15 Jan 2015
Tulsi :: Gratitude as tea ::
One of my favorite daily rituals is drinking tea.  Morning, noon, night, it's always a great time for a cup of tea.  I rotate teas by season and one of my favorite herbs to work with in the winter is Tulsi, Holy Basil, India's Queen of herbs. Sweet and lovely Tulsi.  She uplifts us, she nourishes us, she warms and comforts us.  She's a great addition to our winter rhythm.  Most Indians grow Tulsi at
20 Oct 2014
Autumn refinement
As we enter into the heart of fall, there are many options of where we are putting our attention and energy.  The days are getting shorter, and the natural tendency at this time of year is to slow down and turn within.  This is an appropriate and strong time to reflect on our life, on our path, on the journey within.   For each of us who are choosing to live a life of integrity and
20 Oct 2014
Herbal bath for purification~
Herbal baths are deeply relaxing and purifying.   The herbal bath recipe below is one of my favorites.  It is gentle, yet purifying.  The bath has a combination of benefits.  The herbs are cleansing and soothing, the salt is detoxifying, and sitting in steaming water is just so good! I'd suggest adding 3 cups of sea salt to the tub to make it extra cleansing.  Salt is a great tool for extraction and cleaning our
8 Jul 2013
2013 NE Women’s Herbal Conference
New England Women’s Herbal Conference August 23-25, 2013 Newfound Lake, New Hampshire Tamara will be offering three workshops at this amazing conference … Each year for the past 25 years, the NE Women’s Herbal Conference has brought together leading women herbalists, healers, and plant enthusiasts from throughout the country to share their wisdom of the herbs and natural healing. Though the emphasis is on women’s health and healing, the WHC is a joyful celebration of
11 Jun 2011
Solstice Earth Altar
The summer is a wonderful time of year to be outdoors and to relish in the beauty of the natural world. The earth gives to us unceasingly and it’s always wonderful to make time to return energy to the earth. Creating an earth altar is one way to do this! An earth altar is a shrine on the earth, created from elements of the natural world. It can be simple or elaborate, something that you