11 Jun 2011
~~ Summer Solstice ~~
As we approach the summer solstice, the sun grows stronger, the light pierces deeper, and more is illuminated. With illumination comes transformation. This year in particular the transformation is profound, alive, and pulsing. Everyone on the planet is feeling it. In my work with clients there is an overarching desire for truth and a readiness to bring one’s life into alignment: releasing old patterns, cleaning up material world messes, solidifying relationships, and making new life
27 Apr 2011
Herbal wisdom ~ nettles!
Walking through the woods, one of the indicators that the spring has returned is the abundance of stinging nettles. Smelling their subtle fragrance is a sure sign that the days are getting longer and the summer is near. The stinging nettle (latin: Urtica diotica) is one of the true wonders of the plant world. It can be drank in a tea infusion or eaten cooked like spinach. A wonderful spring tonic, it nourishes the body