The goal of this work is to support you in remembering who you are – entering through your heart center and recognizing the divine within. By working from the foundation of the heart, the soul’s light is able to amplify and grow.

You are:
  • Desiring honest reflection
  • Devoted to the path of transformation
  • Compassionate and working towards non-judgment
  • Excited about furthering your journey
You know:
  • To live in a place of awareness and honesty, takes courage
  • In order to be open to your truth, in order to heal, you must make that choice
  • Your future is continuously being written
  • Everyone can heal, can access Spirit, and can access our deep hearts to truly see and know
You’re ready:
  • To live authentically
  • To choose the path of honesty, realness, and heart
  • To say “yes” to that which is asking for attention in your life
  • To do the work
Our Work Together
What's a reading:
A reading offers clarity and perspective, taking a step out of the daily spin of life and looking deeper into the place where you sit within yourself. Each reading is unique and the guidance shared is for you alone. All sessions are confidential. Information may come through in the areas of life path, health, relationships, family, and career. Each part of your life is not isolated in itself; all are pieces of a greater whole and effect all others. The reading becomes a tapestry of information, weaving from daily occurrences to deeper patterning.
How it works:
Before the session begins, I create a clean and safe energetic container for the work to take place. The session begins with breath and “presencing”(returning to the heart). Over the course of a reading, there is a container present for truth to arise and healing to take place. The Spirit allies I work with will be doing energy work during the course of the session. I will help you navigate the process
How it feels:
When we are in a sacred space that is held by Spirit, amazing things can happen. This container creates a sense of relaxation and softening. The people who receive the most from their readings are the people who are able to soften, listen, and receive.


“We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released.”
― Jean Houston