Ceremony & Ritual

Ceremony and ritual bring us closer to our deepest knowing, giving us the opportunity to walk our paths with more integrity and presence.

People throughout time have lived with ceremonies as a way to celebrate, heal, process and honor life. My ceremonies range from 3 hour gatherings to multi day retreats. Join my mailing list to discover opportunities to share ceremony and ritual.


Full & New Moon Circles

A sacred gathering where we connect with the cycle of the moon, reflect on the past and look toward the future, sharing space with music, movement, ritual and reflection.


Rite of Passage Ceremonies

An opportunity to honor and recognize the life phases that we each move through – birth, stages of a child’s life, coming of age, marriage, divorce, becoming a parent, retirement…). Authentically infusing the sacred into our rites of passage is a gift that we can give each other and ourselves.


Solstice & Equinox Ceremonies

These four days of the year are powerful times to connect with the Divine, bringing ourselves into stillness as we feel and recognize the potency of life lessons and gifts.

Your Guide

Your Guide


I love ceremony. I have been guided, challenged and blessed by a 15-year apprenticeship in the Shipibo tradition of shamanism studying Amazonian medicine.

For millennia, the Shipibo people have been highly respected by other tribes throughout the Amazon for their knowledge of plant medicine and the advanced spiritual capacities of their healers.

As a child it had been my dream and passion to protect the Amazon rainforest from deforestation. Little did I know that I would spend a good part of my life immersed in the Amazon, developing relationships with the people and the plants, doing my part to support the community and carrying the medicine of this place.

My Story


One morning many years ago, while living in isolation in the Amazon jungle, I woke up singing.

The melody was unlike anything that I had heard before. That day, the song stayed with me. The following day I woke up with a similar and yet different song. This continued.

I dreamt about birds made of rainbow light who flew through the stars and I woke up singing each morning. I lived in solitude in a rustic jungle hut and each evening I would walk to join the community in ceremony.

One day, my teacher came out to visit me and he asked me why I stayed so quiet in ceremony each night. I told him that I don’t know the traditional songs. He laughed and said, “I can see that you have songs in you. Sing them!”

So the next night in ceremony, I tentatively sang the songs that had been coming through my dreams. I sang so quietly that no one could hear me. After a few weeks, my teacher approached me again.

“Why do you sing like an ant? So quiet that no one can hear you?” I replied, “My songs are different and not like what everyone else is singing”.

And he said something that has stayed with me, “You have found your medicine. Now you must sing it!” From that day forward, I let the songs come through me. Over the years, they have evolved and grown, but it’s the same thread back to the original melody.


“It’s hard to put into words how gifted Tamara is, and how profoundly her work can positively impact the quality of one’s life. She’s certainly one of the greatest gifts I’ve been lucky enough to receive."

-Reid Carolin - Screenwriter and Director, Los Angeles, CA