Workshops & Retreats

Amazing things happen when people gather with shared intentions, open hearts and an invitation for authentic inspiration, while being held in a safe energetic container.

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Women’s Spirit
Learning Circle

An invite-only circle for women who are healers, teachers and leaders in their communities. Each gathering has a theme with relevant teachings, a guided meditation, inner-delving, interactive exercises and a group psychic reading.


Community Spirit
Learning Circle

An invite-only circle for men and women who are healers, teachers and leaders in their communities. Each gathering has a theme with relevant teachings, a guided meditation, inner-delving, interactive exercises and a group psychic reading.


Immersive Spirit

A circle that is open to community members who are on the path of personal transformation and seeking to deepen in presence. Each gathering has a theme with relevant teachings, interactive exercises, and a group psychic reading.

How I Work


I facilitate groups by listening, guiding, responding, and holding a resonant container. Throughout the circle, I maintain connection with higher consciousness on behalf of the group.


I find a tremendous amount of joy in seeing how the group itself takes shape, watching energy move between participants as people let their guard down and knowing that within a sacred energetic space, heart opening and healing is inevitable.


From my experience of 20 years of giving psychic readings and 14 years of holding shamanic circles, I create group experiences with clear boundaries, authentic connection, where joy, levity and depth are present and alive.


The intention behind the workshops is to bring participants into a deeper place of consciousness and presence in their daily lives, igniting aspects of their inner/outer work that may have been dormant, while at the same time being witnessed and held by the community. Each class has a topic of focus with relevant exercises, group meditations, a lecture and a group psychic reading that all relate to that topic.

I choose workshop topics that are themes arising in life; both themes that I notice while I’m giving people readings and also what is coming up in my own work with Spirit.

Let gratitude be the pillow

upon which you kneel to say

your nightly prayer.



"I've been learning from Tamara for years and she infuses her teachings with thoughtful intention, reverence, and powerful discernment. Her workshop themes always feel personally relevant, timely and universally connected all at once. I leave every workshop with my mind open in wonder and awe, and my heart full of light. There's something indescribable about the power of community and sacred space that Tamara opens and holds so well... It's one of the elements I cherish the most during her classes, especially now.  And of course, I am ever grateful that Tamara shares her intuitive gifts that are otherworldly and make me feel absolutely seen and understood. Tamara's offerings have been instrumental in my growth and evolving relationship with Spirit and I feel honored to get to learn from one of the greatest teachers I have yet met on my path."

- Brenna H, Somatic Coach - Seattl

"Tamara shares her gifts with enormous generosity, integrity and from a non-judgmental space. The flow of her workshops feels like an invisible thread that connects us with ourselves, with each other and with the present moment. Tamara makes available to us a world that once you experience it, it stays with you." 

- Patricia H, Certified Legal Interpreter, Ms/PhD Journalism/Philosophy  - Boulder, CO

"The workshop that I attended was beautiful and I admired the abundance that was able to flow within the time limitations. I noticed the caliber of folks who made up the circle-specifically everyone’s knowing of HOW to USE beautiful space. It was gorgeous."

- Alex A, Weaver - Silver Creek Watershed, WA

"I love the depth of exploration and how beautifully we drop in together as a group in the Women’s Spirit Learning Circle. Tamara's guidance and readings have been invaluable during these changing times and have really helped me find a greater place of openheartedness and a deeper place of trust within myself and with the greater intelligence of life. The glow of inspiration from our time together is a thread I have been able to carry with me and for this I am grateful."

- Amela H, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Astro Herbalist - Burlington, VT

“I am filled with gratitude for participating in a ceremony lead by Tamara.  She has an amazing gift to hold sacred space and guide the circle with her gentle, grounded leadership.  The sweetness of her medicine songs and evolved intuition create a safe and powerful healing container.  Through my healing sessions with Tamara I found great relief to both physical and emotional blockages.  I gracefully and slowly connected to the light within my heart.  The dark, heavy feeling seemed to organically melt away from my cells with ease and comfort.  I feel more peaceful and grounded.  Thank you Tamara, for sharing your gift with our community.”

- Wendy D, Engineer – Seattle, WA

"The Esalen retreat with Tamara was a gift on many levels. From the individual session, to our class on intuition, to our equinox ceremony, to just experiencing Tamara in community, I was energized by her presence at Esalen. She is a true teacher through her words and actions. Her bright intuition helps me see my own light more clearly.”

-Julie B., consultant - Seattle, WA