Workshops I Offer


Are you ready to embrace genuine connection
in a community of seekers?

I lead participants through shared and remembered wisdom, deepening study and authentic self-reflection. Experience a heart-centered community experience that amplifies light and reminds us of our deep belonging and interconnectedness.


Belonging — We sometimes wonder where we come from and where we are going, but in the present moment we can always return to connection: belonging to all the twe are. Human beings long to belong. In the workshop, we will practice sitting in our heart's temple where belonging is all that exists.


The Spaces Between — As we navigate the profound evolution that is currently taking place individually and collectively, consciousness is deepening. While we sit on the edge of new possibilities, let's not just look at what is catching our attention in the most obvious ways. Let us look to the spaces between, where everything else exists.


The Gift of Reciprocity — As we look at the world around us there is clearly an imbalance that is becoming more significant as time passes. So, how do we support the healing of this planet and its inhabitants? We return deep within ourselves to the practice of reciprocity. It's not just about giving back, but being able to receive wholeheartedly.


Stayin' Clean — As we become more refined and advanced on our spiritual path, we also become more sensitive to the energies that surround us. In this workshop, we will explore practices for staying connected to light in the midst of darkness, for maintaining energetic cleanliness while surrounded by mixed energies, for honouring our sensitivities wile remaining compassionate to the world around us.


Rituals and Blessings — Imagine how our world would be different if we turned our daily routines into rituals, if we infused the sacred into our daily lives? Suddenly you are not attracting what you want, but you are attracting what you are. From daily and seasonal rituals to large rites of passage, we will explore what it looks like to bless the spaces between us.