Everything You Do Matters

Sometimes we sit back and watch what is taking place in the world around us – both at the intimate small scale of home life or at the bigger scale of climate change, Covid, planetary awakening – and we think “nothing that I do really matters”.  It doesn’t matter if I spend my day puttering around on my phone, if I litter, if I eat junk food, if I let my kids stare at the screen all day, if I lie or cheat or steal something small no one will ever know.  My life is a blip on the screen of time and nothing that I do really matters.  So, in knowing that, I am off the hook and can just do whatever I want.  

But what if, in reality, everything you did mattered?   Every action, thought, intention had energy that emanated from it and was carried into the world.  Every choice and decision rippled to the edges of the globe and beyond.  What if everyone realized that we each matter and that everything we put our energy towards ripples out to the rest of the world?    Think of how the world would be different if we accepted the very big idea that everything we do matters.

The daily and seemingly simple choices that we make can have huge impacts.  Look at the way thoughts take form as they move from one person to another, often unconsciously.  Notice the way that words travel on the wind and reach far away destinations.  Witness the way that emotions, both joy and grief, are contagious. Acknowledge the way that a simple act of kindness has a domino effect across the world.  Recognize the way that walking with reverence leads to abundance.   It is clear as day, nothing is without consequence

But living a life of awareness and consequence is not easy.  Since I planted the seed of this topic in my daily awareness, I have been given the most challenging few months that I have had in a long time.  I was given the opportunity again and again to take a close look at everything I was doing – as a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a teacher, a healer, a friend, a soul.  If everything I do matters, my choices are powerful.


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