Honoring our Plant Allies

Choose a plant that lives close to you, whether it be in your backyard or potted in your living room.  On a daily basis, begin bringing your attention to this plant.  It could be through simple greetings, putting a piece of the plant on your altar, envisioning it during your meditation practice.  If it’s ingestible, put bits of it in your mouth or in your tea.  When you start working with this plant, invite the “light of the plant” to work with you, invite the “medicine of the plant” to work with you.   Devoting yourself to one plant at a time allows a relationship to develop.  Stick with one plant for a month (or longer) and then switch to another plant.   It’s a wonderful way to deepen our relationship with the plants who we share our space with.  Through the course of this practice, notice what else is taking place in your life and see the ways that this plant is influencing your story.


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