Furthering Hope

At this time of year when the veil between the worlds is most thin, we are being shown our personal shadows and those of the culture we live in.  There are many ways to fight injustice, and there are so many current violations that could be listed here.   But instead of focusing on the injustices and the shadows that they carry, I will bring our attention to ways of bringing greater hope and light to the world.  This is not by ignoring unfairness and glossing over the pain of the world, but better to be focusing on the goodness that resides beneath these outer layers of imbalance.  I can smash a stick into the injustices of the world until the stick has turned to dust, but the inequities are still present.  Or, I can find the specks of light and humanity that live beneath these injustices and pour my heart into them, fueling them to grow stronger and more resilient.

I choose the latter.  So, how do I find these specks of light?  I look to what is sacred.   I feel the water moving in rivers underground, and connect my heart and prayers to this water, may it reach it’s source unharmed.   I feel the bottom of the sea, and the animals who live there, I connect them with my heart’s light.   I feel the hearts of orphaned children and love them with all of my capacity.  I connect to the indigenous people whose sacred land is being threatened, and I fill the space around them with righteousness and balance.

There are many ways to bring goodness to the world.  Staying in a place of hope and continuous prayer is the way that I choose.  We can all help the world by being vessels of love.


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