Slow Down

snail-wa_edit02Yes, I’m talking to you. We are in a time of massive acceleration. The planet is in a state of immense change and collective transformation. What was once our baseline experience has dramatically sped up and life is moving faster. With all of the smart technology, we are being bombarded with constant stimulation and the collective expectation that we will respond with equal speed. And by this speedy pace of living, there is much being lost. What’s being lost is multilayered and vast. We are losing our ability to feel (I’m not talking about feeling emotion, I’m referring to our ability to feel LIFE.) We are becoming desensitized to pulsing life force. We are becoming distanced from community. We are disengaging from the natural world.   We stare at screens more than we look at faces. We are becoming numbed and overwhelmed by the fast sensation. I am not trying to be dramatic, but in my experience this is true. I see a great danger here in this level of speed.

“But, I don’t have time to slow down. There is so much to do!” We are being faced with immense choices of how we are choosing to live and what we are giving ourselves to.   What are we pouring ourselves into?   Life begets life. Beauty begets beauty. The surface speed is something that we can bypass at any given moment. Choosing to drop into a deeper frequency of life is something that we can all do. It’s just a matter of choice.

The speed at which life is moving is not going to slow down. It’s a matter of us making a choice and a commitment to conscious being. Feel love. Feel connection. Experience the fragrance of the flowers. Walk barefoot on the earth. Connect with all that is. Breathe. Look into the eyes of the person standing next to you. Honor the gift of life.


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