Finding balance: creating an earth altar

There are many practices that can support us in returning to balance, connecting with life, and slowing down. One of my favorite practices is builing earth altars.  It can be done in 5 minutes or 5 hours.  It is less about what is made, and more about the intention and energy behind the creation.

As we look to find a slower speed of surface life and a more connected presence with inner life, I find that connecting with earth and rock are some of the best tools.  The options for creating the earth altar are infinite, but I will descibe one practice that I especially enjoy.

Spend a few minutes with your hands on the earth, breathing and feeling the pulse of the planet.  Staying in this grounded place, wander around and collect rocks. Then speak an intention or prayer.  “Earth, please support me in returning to my deep center and feeling source once again.  My intention with these stones is to connect with life.”  And then start to play.  You can stack the stones, balance the stones, create a spiral on the earth, find other elements to incorporate into your design.

Regardless of where you live, and regardless of what materials you have to work with, there is rock and dirt and plants everywhere!  We all live on Earth, and the earth loves to support us being in heathy relationship with ourselves and all of life.

Image : Earth altar by Laura Loescher


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