Gratitude invites connection

We all know the importance of gratitude.  In the modern mindfulness movement, there are abundant books, articles, and conversations on the importance of gratitude.  But, when we look at gratitude at the level of the energy body, what do we see?   Gratitude softens us and opens us to connection.  In my practice of psychic readings, there are so many people who are seeking to “see more”, to “feel more connection” with the Divine, to have “more access” to Source and the natural world.  People are waking up and are really looking for where to find true connection.  What I have found is that gratitude invites connection.    When I refer to gratitude, it’s less about using the words “thank you”, and more about feeling them.  How do we feel thank you?  We feel it by softening into our hearts, by breathing and relaxing our bodies.   When we surrender into a space of deep gratitude, we open ourselves to Source, we open ourselves to Earth, we open ourselves to Love.    This experience of true gratitude opens our hearts and brings us into a deeper state of compassion and connection to all that is.

The world is in a state of intense turmoil, energies are clashing, and there is much on the line.  We have choice.  We can sink into the chaos and despair of the turmoil.  Or we can rise in a state of immense gratitude and honest connection.   Honor the blessings that surround us.  Bow to our hardworking bodies.  Kiss the earth that carries us.  Regardless of our individual circumstances, we all have much to be grateful for.


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