The Gift of Receiving

We all know how important it is to receive and yet oftentimes, we may find ourselves deflecting a compliment and sending it right back to where it came from: “Oh my gosh I love your dress,” she says.  And you respond with “Thanks, I love your dress!”   We have been taught that giving is good and not to be selfish.

As we look at the imbalances in the world, the question often arises – how can I give back?  What can I give to support our community and earth?  The key lies in how capable you are in receiving.  By receiving, our cup grows and expands.  Think about someone who is always giving.  If they get a little bit of energy, they quickly go and give it away.  Their cup stays small because it is never stretched and expanded.   Sometimes the people who are always giving are tightly knotted inside, their cups have not had a chance to stretch and grow.  They may give, but there is an edge of resentment or negativity hidden beneath.  Someone who can receive fully, on the other hand, their cup gets bigger and bigger.   And a big cup shines and glows and overflows.  By receiving, the light expands outwards and is shared with the world.

Practicing receiving from the earth is a gift that we can give ourselves and also give to her.  Notice how good it feels when you give someone a gift or a gesture and they fully receive it.  The earth can feel our receptivity.


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