Opportunity: Coming towards a port

Each time that I sit with higher consciousness and ask about this current time, I am told, “this is an OPPORTUNITY”. This opportunity is personal, it is collective, it is planetary. The word opportunity comes from the Latin phrase ob portum veniens, which means “coming towards a port”, which refers to a favorable wind blowing ships into the harbor. We are arriving at a new port, a port that we have never been to before. The old way, the previous story (from as little as two months ago), is gone.  We are not going to be returning to the “way it was”. Fortunately, the new way is being created right now.


Mushroom Medicine: Chaga

As the new paradigm unfolds, let's look to one of the oldest life forms on the planet that ...
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Gratitude invites connection

We all know the importance of gratitude.  In the modern mindfulness movement, there are abundant books, articles, and ...
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Balancing Confidence and Humility

We now find ourselves on the cusp between seasons; winter is turning into spring. The sun is returning ...
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