Eclipse Cycle for Change

Today, February 10th, we are entering into the first eclipse cycle of the year.    An eclipse cycle always begins with a full moon lunar eclipse and is followed by a new moon solar eclipse.   The two week period between the eclipses is the juicy window filled with space for personal growth.
What I have learned and witnessed over the last many years is that eclipses are immense opportunities for growth and change.  They can unearth and magnetize aspects of our inner and outer lives that need attention.  The eclipses are beautiful, exquisite and can be really hard!  Sometimes they give us the boost of confidence and knowing that we need to get to the next place.  And sometimes, they act as a gavel, coming down and demanding that we look at what needs attention.

Although this eclipse cycles “ends” on February 26th , I find that it takes 2-3 weeks after this to really come out of the eclipse window.   Spend time writing, exploring, slowing down, and looking within.  It’s less about finding the answers and more about giving space for truth to emerge.    During an eclipse, the standard rules don’t apply.  What isn’t typically possible is possible.  This can bring us into connection with the highest light but also the deepest dark.  Simplicity is critical.

While we’re in an eclipse cycle, it’s like living inside of an egg who’s shell has been cracked.  Outside influences can come into the egg and what we carry on the inside is exposed to the outside.  The “container” that we often rely on for safety and comfort shows us that it’s really a very thin piece of shell.  And we are required to find other ways to safely nurture ourselves, learning how to be grounded and anchored into our deep hearts.  During this time, self-care is imperative, pacing ourselves is the name of the game.   Patience and self-love are powerful tools to flow through the eclipse cycle and to come out the other side better than ever.  As we continue to choose truth, we’re taken exactly where we need to go.


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