Salt for Energy Cleansing

Throughout normal daily life, we will encounter a wide variety of people, places, and all types of energetic signatures.   During an eclipse window, however, these energies tend to be amplified and it’s an especially important time to be doing regular energetic cleansing.

One of my favorite tools for energy cleansing is salt.   This can be used on our bodies and in our homes.  It’s simple, powerful, and accessible.

In addition to cleansing energies from people and places, salt is incredibly effective in cleansing our energy fields after exposure to EMFs (which for most of us is constant).

Techniques for salt cleansing:
Salt bath

-Use high quality unprocessed sea salt (pink himalayan salts are my favorite)

-Put at least two big handfuls of salt in the tub
-Fill with hot water (Use the hottest water that you can
handle.  Sweating while in a salt bath really helps the cleansing.)
-Add a few drops of essential oil (lavender or tangerine oils are my favorites)

Salt scrub
-You can buy one at the store or make your own (easy!) 
-This is a great daily way to clean with salt while in the shower.
-The most important places to cleanse are all around your throat
and the back of your neck, low belly and low back.  Trust your
intuition and clean whatever areas of your body are calling out for some attention.

Salt in the home
-Mop your floors with salt water to clean the house.  It is a very effective way to energetically purify your home. 
– Place bowls of salt water in the corners of the room that needs cleansing.  Leave it there overnight and dispose of in the morning.  It’s best not to touch this water once it has absorbed the energetic toxins

And remember…  Intention is powerful and can make any energetic cleansing protocal more potent.  While cleansing, envision your body/home being purified with the strongest light and all of the negativity being washed away.  Enjoy feeling fresh and inspired once again!


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