Balancing Confidence and Humility

We now find ourselves on the cusp between seasons; winter is turning into spring. The sun is returning from the darkness of winter, lighting the sky for more hours each day. We have reached the midway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. It’s the time of year of Imbolc (Celtic: beginning of spring), Candelmas (Christian: Jesus at the Temple), Tu BiShvat (Jewish: new year of the trees), and the Chinese New Year (this year begins year of the Fire Rooster).

The Chinese New Year is always a special time of year to usher in our intentions and desires for the year ahead. We are entering the year of the Fire Rooster. When I see a rooster walking, what immediately comes to mind is confidence and self-assuredness. It’s unafraid to crow in the morning dawn; bold and holding it’s head high. In taking the teaching of the rooster, how can we embody true confidence of the heart and simultaneously stay connected to authentic humility?

This is a year that’s requiring each of us to embody confidence in order to be part of a heart-based movement towards change. The confidence that we are being asked to demonstrate is confidence in Truth – speaking with certainty, identifying authenticity, and living with integrity. But overblown confidence will get us into trouble and lead to deep imbalance in the system. And caved-in meekness will disempower our true voices and strength. The key is to find balance in order to walk with our heads high, our hearts full, and our roots grounded.

We are being called to stay in a space of the utmost humility and true discernment. We are being asked to stay connected to generosity with impeccable boundaries, deep love, and compassion. We (as humankind) will navigate through the complicated terrain and come out the other side brighter and more capable than we have ever been.


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