~~ Summer Solstice ~~

7337370010_b7f437f3c1_zAs we approach the summer solstice, the sun grows stronger, the light pierces deeper, and more is illuminated. With illumination comes transformation. This year in particular the transformation is profound, alive, and pulsing. Everyone on the planet is feeling it. In my work with clients there is an overarching desire for truth and a readiness to bring one’s life into alignment: releasing old patterns, cleaning up material world messes, solidifying relationships, and making new life choices based on honesty and humility. And this shift is not only with individuals, I have also been feeling a deep rumbling within the earth.

For several weeks I was convinced that an earthquake was imminent. And then as the rumbling continued I realized that it was not only coming through from deep within the earth, but that the pulsing and shaking was reaching us from the cosmos. I have never felt anything quite like what is moving through the planet at this time. There is a speed and depth and intensity at which this energy moves. It is effecting all who inhabit the earth today — humans, animals, plants, water, soil. The degree to which we are all being transformed is tremendous.

And the guidance that comes through from Source — “This deep turning is unraveling all which needs to be seen and transmuting all which needs to leave. Humanity is being given the opportunity to rise to a higher system of operation, to a higher degree of clarity, honesty, love, and radiance.”

What is essential for all of us at this time is to nourish ourselves from the inside out, creating more spaciousness and more room to breathe. We are being asked to address where our life force needs to go, clarifying what is truly important to us and where we are being called to put our hearts. By honoring and recognizing the true paths in which we walk, and the light that we share, we are able to stabilize and bless the ground on which we stand.


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