Featured Plant: Lupine

Healing through Generosity

The lupines are one of the members of the nitrogen-fixing legume  family of plants that bring such benefit to land in need of regeneration.  There are many areas around the globe that have been so devestated by invasive species and disturbances of all kinds, stripping the soil of it’s nutrients.  When lupine is introduced, it creates fertile soil that allows native and healthy plants to grow again.

There is a Native American legend about lupines.   The story tells of a tribe suffering from the extreme effects of drought and famine. Many members of the tribe have already perished. Concern for survival creates even greater states of hardening and selfishness in the tribe, rather than community service and generosity. The tribe receives spiritual guidance that acts of giving and sacrifice are necessary, but no one is able to perform such deeds willingly. A young girl who is an orphan holds on to her precious doll, the only item she possesses as a memory of her family. She climbs up a hill and offers her doll. Where she places her doll, rain begins to fall and the lupines spring up. And so, says the legend, this is how the lupines came to appear on earth.

The lupine is a plant that brings much healing to a withered and depleted earth. Energetically, lupine guides us towards greater acts of generosity and selflessness.  It is especially helpful when our own needs block our ability to recognize what is needed by the world around us.

Whether or not lupines grow in your area, you can invite the Spirit of the plant to join you and begin receiving the teachings and gifts from this generous plant.


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