Tulsi: Gratitude as tea

One of my favorite daily rituals is drinking tea.  Morning, noon, night, it’s always a great time for a cup of tea.  I rotate teas by season and one of my favorite herbs to work with in the winter is Tulsi, Holy Basil, India’s Queen of herbs.

Sweet and lovely Tulsi.  She uplifts us, she nourishes us, she warms and comforts us.  She’s a great addition to our winter rhythm.  Most Indians grow Tulsi at home, symbolic of sustenence and devotion. It is typically planted in a courtyard, inside an earthen pot. Prayers are held around the Tulsi plant in the courtyard.

At the start or end of our day, it is a special experience to reflect in gratitude for our blessings.  Honoring our blessings over a mug of steaming Tulsi is an awesome way to find connection and return to the present moment.

We can add a few other herbs to compliment her, or work with her alone.  I mostly enjoy mixing her with rose, peppermint, or chamomile.  She is so fragrant and stunning that sometimes as the tea is steeping, I cover it in a cloth and steam my face in the holy basil vapors.  Truly divine!


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