Autumn refinement

As we enter into the heart of fall, there are many options of where we are putting our attention and energy.  The days are getting shorter, and the natural tendency at this time of year is to slow down and turn within.  This is an appropriate and strong time to reflect on our life, on our path, on the journey within.   For each of us who are choosing to live a life of integrity and honor, there are continuous opportunities for refinement.  Refinement can manifest itself in myriad forms …  How do I present myself to the world?  What patterns or beliefs no longer serve me?  Which of my behaviors do not align with my true heart and my true nature?  In what ways am I not honest (with myself and others)?  How can I fine tune myself as I would fine tune an instrument?   All of these questions are helpful as we go deep into the purification process of the fall.

We release the old as we soften into autumn.  We tap into our deep center through the course of winter.  We are brought anew and recreated in the spring.  Breakdown, breakthrough.  The process of refinement need not be treacherous or heavy.  It can be light and subtle.  It is important for us to be clear within ourselves of our intentions and what we are calling forth.

To add to the inner journey that this time of year provides, we are also in the eclipse season.  We just rode through a full moon lunar eclipse on October 8th, and on October 23rd we will be experiencing a new moon solar eclipse. New moons are a powerful time to set intention for the coming month.  When a new moon is punctuated by an eclipse, we are given an extra boost of potency for our intention setting process.   This is an awesome opportunity for diving into the process of inner cleansing and refinement.  I invite you to sit within your heart and feel where you are called to put that attention.   We are being given an opportunity for our inner shadows to be illuminated, what would you like to shed light on and how would you like to transform?   Many blessings to your inner journey!


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