Herbal bath for purification

Herbal baths are deeply relaxing and purifying.   The herbal bath recipe below is one of my favorites.  It is gentle, yet purifying.  The bath has a combination of benefits.  The herbs are cleansing and soothing, the salt is detoxifying, and sitting in steaming water is just so good!

I’d suggest adding 3 cups of sea salt to the tub to make it extra cleansing.  Salt is a great tool for extraction and cleaning our energy field.   Also, be sure that the bath is hot.  Ideally, you will be sweating and breathing the herbal steam.

This is a great bath to take anytime.  It is especially great to use in conjunction with a new moon ceremony or with an inner work practice.  The bath will assist in centering you and allowing you to drop back into your heart.

:: Herbal Purification Bath Blend ::

1 part lavender
1 part rosemary
1 part rose petals

1 part calendula

1/2 part sage

You can either make a strong tea and then add it to your bath water, or you can put the herbs in a large muslin bag and tie it to the nozzle of your tub (let the hot water run over the herbs as the bath is filling).   Use about 4 oz of herbs per tub.



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