Solstice Earth Altar

spiralThe summer is a wonderful time of year to be outdoors and to relish in the beauty of the natural world. The earth gives to us unceasingly and it’s always wonderful to make time to return energy to the earth. Creating an earth altar is one way to do this! An earth altar is a shrine on the earth, created from elements of the natural world. It can be simple or elaborate, something that you create alone or with community, on private land or in a public place. Most important in the creation of an altar are your genuine intentions and heartfelt presence.

There is no single way to create an altar. Simply putting some stones in a circle can be a profoundly potent sacred place. I enjoy having the 5 elements represented on an earth altar — water, earth, fire, air, and spirit. Use your creativity and have fun! Truly, an earth altar is never complete. You will notice the wind blowing the altar into new configurations. The rain changing the forms of what you placed there. All is perfect. Know that your earth altar is always a work in progress and enjoy creating it all the time.

Once your altar is created, enjoy reflecting in gratitude for all that the earth offers. Deep prayer and reverence for our Mother resonates throughout the planet.

The earth loves to be loved!


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