Speaking of the Trees

When I close my eyes, I see lungs that are filled with the light and oxygen of the richest forests. I feel the vibrant green chlorophyll of the plants gently calming any fears. I smell the rich soil as springtime emerges in the forest. I hear the hum of the tallest evergreen trees, holding the earth with fierce love and purpose.

The earth is speaking to us.  We humans are being asked to pay attention; we are being directed to slow down, to breathe, to reestablish our relationship with the natural world.

There is a remarkable parallel between the massive fires around the globe that killed millions of acres of trees in 2019 and this virus that is directed at sickening the lungs.  The trees are the lungs of this planet.  The key to staying well is by strengthening our lungs, and by enhancing our relationships to the trees.

Strengthening our lungs involves breathing with consciousness, inviting breath and light to fill the places in our chest that tend to be constricted and tight. Being courageous about what will be uncovered when we breathe fully and completely. Oftentimes, shallow breathing is a result of what is energetically buried in our chests (grief, trauma, wounds). We must breath shallowly in order to stay away from the pain. By breathing fully and deeply, light and healing will fill our chests.

Connecting with the trees…  it sounds simple and yet most people seem to take the trees for granted. Trees are the connectors between heaven and earth. The largest trees are some of the most sentient plants on the earth. When we befriend the trees, we are given a tremendous boost of vitality. And when we learn how to truly collaborate with the trees, we are able to be in the highest service to the earth.


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