Inviting Beauty

At moments along my journey, just as all of us, I have reached moments of discouragement and despair.  And at the moment when I bottom out, I hear the phrase “Remember who you are”.    That phrase acts as a life raft and when I hold onto it, it brings me back to where I need to be.  I often see despair as the opportunity towards what is next, no longer being in a delusion of disengagement, but being fully engaged with the real story being lived.    And once I’m floating on the “remember who you are” life raft, I am brought to the landscape where divine beauty resides.

Beauty is a tool for presence.  It is an opportunity to remind us of who we are.  Inviting beauty …  seeing it, smelling it, touching it, hearing it, tasting it … receiving beauty through all of ourselves.  Beauty is the remedy for despair, the remedy for discontentedness and disengagement.  To be fully immersed in beauty means that there is no room for disengagement; beauty fills the space with divinity.

And what about pain and sadness, can beauty live there?   Absolutely.   Beauty isn’t limited to glossy joy, it rumbles deep within the earth.  It’s messy and real, it comes when you least expect it.  Like birth and death, it causes some to cry in grief and others to cry in joy.  But what makes beauty so incredibly beautiful is that it’s the threads within our existence where we can touch the Divine.

We all seek beauty.  It drives us towards life, and inspires us to live with fullness in our hearts.   If we’ve lost that fullness, it is beauty that returns us to ourselves.

Where our culture has gotten quite sidetracked is the emphasis on outer beauty and the quick ways to polish the surface.   The divine beauty that I’m referring to is how it feels to smell a fragrant rose;   the experience of a slice of sweet mandarin on your tongue;  listening to the harmony of a string trio;   feeling a young child holding your hand;   an unexpected kindness from a stranger.     Divine beauty is that which comes from deep within and reaches deep within.

The way to heal ailments of the body and mind is by inviting beauty.    Sit on the earth and breathe.  Let your skin breathe.  Let your face soften.   Invite beauty to permeate your skin and tap into your soul.  Beauty brings us home.   It cannot be forced, or contrived.  Part of what makes beauty beautiful is it’s authenticity and spontaneity.   Beauty shines from within and is what lives beneath the surface of inspiration.


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