Communicating with Plants

There is an innate intelligence through all of life on earth and the sentience of plants is no exception.  There are so many forms of plant awareness and communication.  At the biological level, plants communicate through the chemicals that live in their bodies.  At the energetic/spiritual level, plants communication through vibration.  Vibration is not limited to sound waves and physical touch though.  Vibration is also what takes place when we are attuned to a plant, up close or from a distance, and that attention travels to the plant. 

Indigenous cultures from around the world have relationships with the plants that grow around them.  In some cultures the plants are seen as the teachers of the Spirit world.  In others, the plants offer the medicine that keeps their community healthy.  And in others, the plants bring the stories in the dreamtime.  When we are able to slow down within our busy lives and perceive the presence of the plants around us, we will receive some special gifts.

A plant’s biological attributes tend to match it’s energetic ones.  For example, a plant that has strong defense mechanisms against herbivores biologically, teaches us how to have better boundaries and to protect ourselves from spiritual predators.  A plant that has flowers that attract hummingbirds, teaches us how to share our gifts with the world.  A plant that has nitrogen-fixing properties in it’s roots, teaches us how to be in service to the planet.

Take time to notice what plants you are drawn to at different times in your life.  What are the qualities that that plant has to offer?   

A few favorites of mine:

Rose– sweet fragrance and thorns — teaches us to share our beauty with the world but at the same time to have impeccable boundaries 

St Johns Wort– grows in the sunshine, especially in disturbed areas (along the highways) — assists us to access joy in difficult times

Tobacco – has a plethora of defense mechanisms against herbivores (one example of this is toxic nicotine in it’s leaves) — shows us how to protect ourselves energetically


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